ADVANCE Metallised Polypropylene Power Capacitors


Extensive range of Capacitance and Voltage ratings in a large variety of cases, terminals and mountings make ADVANCE Metallised Polypropylene Capacitors ideally suitable for most AC applications as a replacement for paper capacitors.. The metallised electrodes allow self healing in operation. The excellent electrical properties of the polypropylene film and ADVANCE construction techniques allow higher ionisation inception voltage and a longer life. Non- inductively wound capacitor elements are housed in cases and sealed with epoxy resin, leading to a completely dry construction, eliminating damages due to leaky impregnants.

Specifications :

Capacitance 0.5µF to 1000µF
Voltage 250Vac to 3000Vac
Temperature Range -40 °C to +85 °C
Tan Delta <0.001 at 1 kHz
Test Voltage As per IS standards
Climatic Category 55/85/56
Tolerance ±5%, ±10%
Motor Run Capacitors in India


  • BP2 – 250Vac - suitable for Fluorescent Lighting applications
  • AP2 – 250Vac - suitable for Higher RMS Current and Dielectric Strength applications
  • BP4 – 415 / 440Vac – suitable for fans, motors, air conditioners etc.,
  • AP4 – 415 / 440Vac - suitable for Pulse, Higher RMS current and Dielectric Strength applications
  • AP5 - 500 Vac – suitable for motors, air conditioners, UPS etc
  • AP6 – 600/660Vac – suitable for higher voltage motors, battery chargers (Railways) etc

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