Advance High Precision Capacitors - PS series

Feedthrough Capacitors in India

Advance High Precision Capacitors are Metallised Polypropylene film Capacitors with ±1% tolerance with high stability. These are used for high frequency, high reliability and high precision applications.

Applications :

  • Timing Circuits, LC filters, Measuring Instruments etc

Standards : IEC-384-16

Technical Specifications :

Temperature Range -40°C to +85 °C
Case Plastic box in tower-block shape end filled with epoxy resin
Tolerance ±1% , ±2%
Terminals Tinned wires placed symmetrically along the base diagonal
Tan Delta (C < 1uf) ≤ 0.0005 at 1 kHz
Insulation Resistance > 100000Mohm @ 10Vdc
Test Voltage 1.6 times rated DC Voltage
Climatic Category 55/85/56
Pulse Rise Time 10 to 40 V/µS

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