EMI/RFI Noise Filters

Product Description

Our evolution has paved the way to become the best EMI/RFI noise filters manufacturers in India. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI) prevents the performance of the electrical circuit. Within the power signals, EMI or RFI evolve - meaning they propagate in free space. They cause damage to most of the applications including military devices and hospital machinery. Through one of the four frequency filters – low pass, high pass, band pass, and band stop filters; EMI/RFI noise is rejected.

EMI/RFI Noise Filters Manufacturers in India

General Specifications

Description Rated Current @25°C
Single Phase Filters 1A to 100A Catalogue
Three Phase Filters 2A to 100A Catalogue


  • Insertion loss : A positive gain measurement that defines EMI/RFI filter’s effectiveness in decibels. Majorly, insertion losses are less applied.
  • Filtering power lines : Power lines are subdivided into different phases with neutral lines attached.
  • Size Considerations : Size and weight are vital aspects if an application has limited space. However, these are available in various sizes but must fit the application.

Routine Tests

Electrical :

Coils Inductance +50%-30% (VDE 0565-03)
Capacitance(Cx) ±20% (IEC 384-14 X2)
Capacitance(Cy) ±20% (IEC 384-14 Y)

Attenuation : (IL in dB) as specified in drawing

Dielectric Strength : 1500Vac 50Hz for 1 minute (terminals to case)
1075Vdc for 1 second (terminal to terminal)

Insulation Resistance : Between terminals shorted and case
Min.1000MΩ at 500Vdc

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