Advance CSR initiative

Rain Water Harvesting :

India gets about 125 cm of rainfall on an average annually. However, most of that rainwater ends up being wasted. If this rainwater is harvested and utilized effectively, the ground water can be saved as well as recharged and there will be more surface water available as well.

We at Advance believe in saving the environment and judiciously using water resources. Therefore as a part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activity we have adopted Rain water harvesting in the year 2016.

Water is collected from the roof tops of our buildings through a network of pipes and channels and stored in rain water harvesting tanks that have been specially build.These tanks can store approximately 20,000 litres of rain water.

Mysore receives an average of 60 days of rainfall during the year as a part of the South West monsoon and therefore Advance has collected and saved approximately 12 Lakh litres of water a year since 2016.

This collected rain water is used for our day to day use in the factory premises and also to maintain our gardens.


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