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Broad Portfolio of Dry Film Capacitors and Filters:
Advance’s product portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of dry film capacitors and filters, including metallised film (polyester, polyphenylene sulphide and polypropylene) and film-foil capacitors
Advance’s products are used in a wide variety of applications including filtering, snubber circuits, energy storage, coupling, interference suppression and damping
Products Range
Custom Ordering To Meet Every Requirement and Specification:
Advance’s product development and manufacturing expertise allows us to address specific customer requirements and deliver custom-designed capacitors and filters
Advance is able to design and develop capacitors and filters of different size, shape, capacitance, voltage, current with different dielectrics to meet a variety of different uses and applications
World-class Quality And Reliability:
Advance products are certified by world-leading testing laboratories and manufacturers
Advance also actively tracks and monitors product performance in the real-world, supported by solid testimonials and repeat business with customers over the last 30 years
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