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  The Advance Advantage
    Consistently high levels of product quality
    Extremely flexible and scalable custom ordering
    Quick turnaround
    Competitive pricing
    Prototype development and testing for quality assurance
  Our Product Portfolio
  Comprehensive portfolio of Dry Film Capacitors & EMI Filters, including metallized film (polyester, polyphenylene sulphide and polypropylene) and film-foil capacitors
  Self certified quality supported by approvals of various testing laboratories and real-world experience
  Custom ordering for size, shape, capacitance, voltage, tolerance and other specifications
  Variety of applications including DC link filtering, snubber circuits, energy storage, coupling, interference suppression and damping
  Introduction To Advance
  Established player in the global passive component industry for over 30 years
  More than 800 satisfied customers across industries including telecommunication, medical equipment, power electronics, automotive and defense
  State of the art manufacturing and testing facility (DNV ISO certification) with in-house R&D team
  Unique design and development processes that allow extreme scalability and rapid turnaround on custom orders
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